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LAS is agent, on behalf of lenders, in restructuring agreements and pool loans.


LAS provides a wide range of services required for the issuance and the management of Corporate Bonds and other Debt & Equity Capital Market instruments. Loan Agency Services is also certified as service provider by Monte Titoli (“Centro Servizi”).


LAS supports banks and financial intermediaries in the management of bank loans, corporate bonds, shares and other financial instruments.


LAS represents specific interests of parties, shareholders, bondholders and SFP (“Strumenti Finanziari Partecipativi”) holders. LAS is appointed as common representative and manages guarantees and escrow accounts.

Financial Contracts

LAS acts as agent on behalf of banks in restructuring agreements and pool loans.

LAS always provides a value-added service based on competence, experience and centrality of the agent’s role who is able to facilitate processes and decisions.

Loan Synd

Simple and accessible

Light brand for easier operations that involve less entities.

Assistance to the parties in ordinary and extraordinary phases (waivers and contracts amendments)

A team with a consolidated experience which is used to relating constantly with the companies’ top management and banks at all levels

Two separated brands that provide different taylor made services

Corporate Bond

In the corporate bond area, LAS provides different services for issuers and/or bondholders.

LAS proposes itself as a focal point for the issuer (usually not familiar with financial instruments) and for the bondholders that need reliable and efficient management and control tools.

Loan Agency Services plays the role of Centro Servizi and Calculation Agent in the context of an important Basket Bond project promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo in collaboration with ELITE and aimed at Italian SMEs

LAS integrates its services with the Paying and Security Agent services provided by BFF Bank S.p.A.

As support for the issuer, LAS carries out administrative and calculation activities related to corporate bond issuance and to the implementation of regulatory obligations

As support for the bondholders, LAS tracks the contractual obligations and represents common interests (Common Representative of bondholders)

LAS provides support in order to simplify, coordinate and accelerate negotiations and decisions between issuer and bondholders.

Smart Agency

It includes services for the management of UTP wallet, loans and other instruments from bank and direct lenders.

Basing on the decades of our experience in restructuring and on our management models, we offer a comprehensive package/selection of services at consistent and sustainable costs that allow banks, funds, and other financial institutions to fully outsource some management activities.

Smart Agency services help lenders and borrowers in managing and monitoring credit facilities, both UTP and in bonis

These services are particularly useful for the operators who enter the corporate credit market for the first time

LAS's experiences and management tools allow to offer innovative and useful services

UTP wallet

Corporate Financing

Corporate Financing

Bank and direct lending loans


The wide range of services offered by LAS is completed by the activity of representation of specific interests in different kinds of contract.

The absence of conflict of interest makes LAS the ideal representative.

LAS acts as third party in commercial contracts that need specific activities for which impartiality and reliability are required

The offered services relate mainly to the verification of conditions and the management of escrow account and collateral

Our custom-made services can be integrated with each other in order to satisfy all need

CAL LAS is our web-based management software implemented in over ten years of activities in order to provide a wide range of informations to both borrowers and lenders.
CAL LAS includes the Permanent Archive that keeps available for the users all the relevant historical documentation of each operations.

the best technology and reliability at our Client's service

CAL LAS is accessible to all duly authorised clients. Our website is easy-to-use and always updated. It relies on the best technologies (HTML5, Laravel, Bcrypt,…) in order to ensure security, privacy and continuity. Our portal, intuitive and always updated, will allow you to access the Permanent Archive section and download the complete documentation of each operation under management (contracts, correspondence between the parties, financial statements, and periodic reports).

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