Loan Synd is synonymous of accessibility and simplicity

Our light brand

With Loan Synd the list of services meets a market segment which requires simpler, smaller and less intensive services. Loan Synd is the best choice also for unique lender deals, where it is important to ease the interaction between bank and borrower.

Quality according to LAS standards

Loan Synd services level is in line with LAS quality standards, unanimously recognized as the best by all players in the sector. The people committed to Loan Synd benefit from many years of experience and skills developed by LAS, the undisputed leader in the most complex restructuring deals.

Loan Synd's scope of work


Deals characterized by less complex activities, with lower control and monitoring responsibilities for the Agent.


Deals in which a limited number of lenders are involved. Also for unique lender deals, to improve the dialogue between bank and customer.


Deals with lower outstanding debt and limited requirements for agency services, despite the need of support in terms of approach and process.

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