Loan Agency Services is the Agent of the Restructuring Agreement of AlgotWatt and Italeaf


Loan Agency Services, agent of the first agreement of AlgoWatt S.p.A., is now Agent of the Restructuring Agreement of AlgoWatt S.p.A. and Italeaf S.p.A.. LAS Team is coordinated by the Consultant Valeria Fraioli who is assisted by the Analyst Dario Marino.

The Agreement has been negotiated and signed by the Companies AlgoWatt S.p.A and Italeaf S.p.A., the Financial Institutions and algoWatt’s bond holders between the 22nd of June and the 9th of July 2021.

The Financial Institutions have been assisted by the Law Firm Gatti Pavesi Bianchi Ludovici with a team coordinated by the Equity Partner Luca Faustini assisted by the Associate Cosimo Birtolo.

The deal has been coordinated by the Lawyer and chairman of the board Stefano Neri for algotWatt S.p.A. and by the Managing Director of the Company, Monica Federici, for the parent company Italeaf S.p.A..

The Companies have been supported by R&A Advisory in its quality of financial Advisor and by the Law Firm Fallanca Scicolone & Partners in its role of legal advisor. The former has been led by the Partner Paolo Lisca, supported by the Associate Guido Mecozzi, the Senior Analyst Violetta Tamborrino and the Analyst Vincenzo Caruso; the latter has been coordinated by the Lawyers Chiara Mariani and Valentina Bossola.

Franco Carlo Papa supported by the Partner Marco Grappa of PGS Consulenti S.r.l. acted as plan’s attestor.

The Law Firm Russo De Rosa Associati in the person of the Lawyer Marzio Molinari acted as Common representative of the bondholders.


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