Loan Agency Services is Calculation Agent as part of the issuance of a bond released by Bologna Fiere


Loan Agency Services, with a team composed by the Principal Consultant Domitilla de Nucci, assisted by the Analysts Anna Maria Pisano and Sara Lelli, acts as Calculation Agent within the issuance of a bond released by Bologna Fiere S.p.A.

Bologna Fiere, one of the leading players in the exhibition industry, released on December 14, 2022 a convertible bond, for a total nominal amount of 25 million euro, subscribed by Informa Group Limited.

The Subscriber was assisted by Dentons Law Firm with a team formed by the Partners Antonella Brambilla, Annalisa Feliciani and Neil Nicholson, the Associates Christopher Winn and Matteo Mosca and the Trainees Ahmad Yasin and Edoardo Zeppilli

The Issuer was assisted by ADVANT Nctm with a team led by the Equity Partner Sante Ricci and the Salary Partner Andrea Iovieno assisted by the Senior Associate Giacomo Abbadessa.
BPER Banca S.p.A. acted as Arranger and Paying Agent with a team consisting of Alessio Previato and Stefano Taioli.
The bond was centralized and dematerialized in Euronext Securities.


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