Loan Agency Services is Calculation Agent as part of the issuance of a bond released by Bertolotti


Loan Agency Services, with a team composed by the Principal Consultant Domitilla de Nucci, assisted by the Analysts Anna Maria Pisano and Sara Lelli, acts as Calculation Agent in joint with BFF Banking Group, within the issuance of a bond released by Bertolotti S.p.A..

Bertolotti, company specialized in tailor-made logistic systems for different sectors, released on March 28, 2023 a non-convertible bond, for a total nominal amount of 3 million euro. The Issuer was assisted by Gianni Origoni Law Firm ADVANT Nctm with a team led by the Partners Richard Hamilton e Alessandro Merenda, assisted by Luca Valerio Silviani della Valle e Angela Lopez.


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