Loan Agency Services is Agent of En Ergon’s Loan Agreement


Loan Agency Services is Agent of the Loan Agreement of En Ergon S.r.l., company of Astea Group, with a team composed by the Associates Tatiana Iaizzo and Alessandra Allegra.

The Agreement has been negotiated and signed by the Company and the Lenders on 21st December 2021.

The operation, worth a total of 24 million euros, saw the support of Intesa Sanpaolo as Sustainability Coordinator and Lending Bank with the BCC Iccrea Group, with the contribution of BCC Iccrea Bank, Filottrano and Cooperative Credit of Recanati Bank and Colmurano Bank.

The Lenders were assisted by Legance as Legal Advisor with a team composed by the Senior Counsel Simone Ambrogi and by the Senior Associate Stefania Serena Monghini for all due diligence and financial documentation activities.

En Ergon, a company active in the integrated water service, energy production, district heating, waste treatment and gas distribution, was assisted by Alessandro Morini.


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