LAS supports Eurovita


Loan Agency Services is the Agent of a pool Loan Agreement granted by the system banks participating in the rescue of Eurovita, a historic insurance company specializing in the life insurance sector in Italy.

The operation, developed by Ania, Cronos and by Cronos’ member companies (Allianz, Generali Italia, Intesa Vita, Poste Vita and Unipolsai Assicurazioni), as well as by the distributing banks and system banks, is part of a broader maneuver that led Cronos to purchase the Eurovita insurance business unit, in order to protect all of the latter’s insureds.

The LAS team, composed of the Equity Partner Brunella Amoruso, assisted by the Senior Manager Attilio Caccetta, the Associate Nicolò Zarbo and the Senior Analyst Federico Gori, coordinated and supported the six system banks in the context of the Pool Loan Agreement.

Chiomenti Law Firm assisted Ania, Cronos and the Cronos member companies while Gatti Pavesi Bianchi Ludovici Law Firm assisted the 26 distributing banks and the 6 system banks.


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