LAS LAB and TXT in CAL LAS’ platform development


Loan Agency Services has always believed that advanced management tools are necessary for good credit management, especially problematic ones. For this reason, in over thirteen years of experience and skills’ increase, LAS has developed “CAL LAS”, a technological platform designed to respond to a large variety of credit management needs. And for this reason, in 2022 LAS founded “LAS LAB”, a start-up that would like to give further concreteness to the potential of our tool.

We are pleased to announce that from today LAS LAB counts among its shareholders – with a share of 33% – TXT e-solutions S.p.A., a company listed on the STAR Segment of Borsa Italiana, an international player specialized in the creation of innovative digital solutions. The partnership with TXT aims to technologically strengthen the CAL LAS platform, which already today represents a unique management tool of its kind, available to credit operators for monitoring and managing problem loans, performing loans, corporate bonds and other financial instruments.



European leader in agency services. Since 2009 LAS is the main non-banking player providing agency services in syndicated loans, corporate bonds and other financial instruments.

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