LAS is the Agent of the Debt Rescheduling Agreement of Pittarello


Loan Agency Services, with a team composed of Paola Policicchio, Senior Consultant, and Valeria Fraioli, Consultant, is the Agent in the Debt Rescheduling Agreement of Pittarello S.p.A.
The Agreement has been negotiated and signed by the Company and a pool of Financial Institutions on 23 February 2021.
The Financial Institutions have been advised by the law firm DLA Piper with a team led by the Partner Nino Lombardo and composed of Federico Zucconi e Giampiero Priori, Partners, that has been assisted in its role by the Lawyer Pietro Paolo D’Ippolito, Giulia Gigante and Carolina Magaglio.
Pittarello – among the major retailers of footwear, leather goods and similar in Italy – has been supported by the law firm Chiarelli Druda Lombardi & Associati with the Partner Cosimo Lombardi and the lawyer Angela Zuolo and by the law firm Di Franco with the Lawyer Francesco Di Franco.
KPMG Advisory with a team led by the Partner Alessandro Bellia and the Manager Mirella Mori, has been the financial and industrial Advisor.


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