LAS is Agent of Vulcano’s Agreement


Loan Agency Services is Agent of Vulcano S.p.A. Agreement, a company that owns the “Vulcano Buono” shopping center in Nola, a multifunctional complex near Naples, designed by the famous architect Renzo Piano. The company has restructured its debt towards financial creditors by signing an agreement in execution of a recovery plan. 56 of the crisis and insolvency code.

Our team is led by the Senior Manager Attilio Caccetta, supported by the Analyst Cesare Fabris.

The company was assisted by Grassi e Associati Law Firm, while Vasquez e Associati is the financial Advisor.

The financial creditors, DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR S.p.A. and Amco S.p.A., were assisted by Molinari Agostinelli Law Firm.


European leader in agency services. Since 2009 LAS is the main non-banking player providing agency services in syndicated loans, corporate bonds and other financial instruments.

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