LAS is Agent of the Agreement of Casprini Gruppo Industriale and Naos


Loan Agency Services is Agent of the Agreement pursuant to art. 56 that Naos S.r.l. and Casprini Gruppo Industriale S.p.A. have signed with the financial creditors, in order to start a process of relaunching and reorganizing the companies, both active in the furniture and furnishing accessories market.

LAS team is made up of Senior Manager Attilio Caccetta, assisted by Analyst Martina Sirotti.

The companies were assisted, for all legal profiles, by Deloitte Legal with the restructuring team , coordinated by Andrea Martellacci and composed of Filippo Ghignone, Niccolò Giusti, Manuel del Linz, Jelena Segovic and Bianca Latini and, on the financial front, by the professionals of Deloitte Financial Advisory, with the team that acted under the responsibility of Matteo Uggetti and composed of Giulia Paleari, Massimo Di Ruggero and Gerardo Santini.

The banking sector made use of the assistance of the LMS Law Firm of Milan with the lawyers Matteo Bascelli, Elena Grigò and Riccardo Di Carlo.

Massimo De Dominicis and Antonio Caravella of the DDP Partners firm in Milan play the role of Attesters of the plan.


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