LAS is the Agent on the Amendment Agreement of Gemmo


Loan Agency Services is the Agent on the Amendment Agreement of the Framework Agreement on the recovery plan of the company Gemmo S.p.A., as well as of the Loan Agreement withGaranzia Italia for an amount equal to 25 million Euros.

The Agreement was negotiated and signed on January 26, 2021 by the company and 13 financial institutions.

The lending banks were assisted by the law firm Gianni & Origoni while Gemmo S.p.A., a company active since 1919 in the field of large infrastructure and services, was supported by the law firm Withe & Case.

The LAS Team is led by the Senior Consultant Paola Policicchio assisted in her role by the Associate Cristina Bizzarri.


European leader in agency services. Since 2009 LAS is the main non-banking player providing agency services in syndicated loans, corporate bonds and other financial instruments.

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