LAS is Agent of Seaser’s Debt Restructuring Agreement


Loan Agency Services is Agent of the Debt Restructuring Agreement of Seaser S.p.A. with a team made up of the Senior Consultant Paola Policicchio and Consultant Valeria Fraioli.

LAS and Lucciola & Partners, both part of the L&P Investimenti Group, provided a joint service by virtue of which the specific activities of LAS as Loan Agent and Security Agent were accompanied by the services of CRO and Independent Director by Lucciola & Partners, with the Managing Partner Alessio Turco.

The Agreement, approved by the Court of Ravenna on the 15th March 2021, involves, in addition to the Company, a Financial Institution and the Securitization Vehicle, Yanez SPV, represented by the servicer Aurora Recovery Capital, with a team composed of the Head of Legal Department Sharon Sermoneta, the Portfolio Manager Edoardo Cecilia Santamaria and the Senior Business Analyst Ambra Lo Nardo.

Financial institution and servicer were assisted by EY – Law and Tax Firm, with a team made up of Marco Amoruso and Luca Sacone, with the support of Chiara Donadi for administrative law matters.

Seaser SpA, the company managing Marinara, the tourist port of the city of Ravenna, and the partner Sorgeva soc coop, run by Davide Sinigaglia, were assisted by the lawyer Stefano Gori for the legal aspects and by Fi-Consulting, with Dr. Alessandro Lotti, as financial advisor.

Notary needs were handled and managed by Notary Public Dr. Giuseppe Ottavio Mannella of the Busani & Partners Notary Firm.


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