LAS is Agent of Ferroli’s Agreement

Loan Agency Services, already Agent of previous agreements of Ferroli S.p.A., is now Agent of the Financial Exposure Redefinition Agreement that the company has signed with its financial creditors. Our team is coordinated by the Equity Partner Gaetano La Puglia, assisted by the Manager Francesco Ursillo and the Analyst Benedetta Conti. Molinari Agostinelli assisted the […]

LAS is Agent of Vulcano’s Agreement

Loan Agency Services is Agent of Vulcano S.p.A. Agreement, a company that owns the “Vulcano Buono” shopping center in Nola, a multifunctional complex near Naples, designed by the famous architect Renzo Piano. The company has restructured its debt towards financial creditors by signing an agreement in execution of a recovery plan. 56 of the crisis […]

LAS LAB and TXT in CAL LAS’ platform development

Loan Agency Services has always believed that advanced management tools are necessary for good credit management, especially problematic ones. For this reason, in over thirteen years of experience and skills’ increase, LAS has developed “CAL LAS”, a technological platform designed to respond to a large variety of credit management needs. And for this reason, in […]

Loan Agency Services is Calculation Agent and Service Center in the context of the issuance of a Minibond issued by Visottica

Loan Agency Services plays the role of Service Center and Calculation Agent in the context of the minibond issued by Visottica Industries S.p.A. with a team composed of the Principal Consultant Domitilla de Nucci, assisted by the Analyst Anna Maria Pisano. Visottica Industries S.p.A., a world leader in the development and production of components for eyewear with the […]